Monday, August 30, 2010

What is That Thing?

A couple of days ago we found our first Texas bug to identify.  My husband was outside working and called for me to “Come out and see this.” I wasn’t sure what “this” was going to turn out to be. It turned out to be-this:


Handsome guy, isn’t he? I think he looks kind of like a stinkbug on steroids.

We called the boys out to take a look and they were pretty impressed. I went online and discovered this is commonly known as a  Leaf Footed Bug, from the True Bug family. They have thick thighs with spikes on them and make a loud noise when they fly and can emit an odor when bothered. I’m glad we didn’t bother him, other than to snap his photo.

Not a bad way to start off our nature study for the year!

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Cranberry Morning said...

That's what's great about homeschooling. Your science experiments can be from the backyard - or the back of the refrig. ;-)

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