Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Nature Study

Our regularly scheduled nature study was cancelled today due to rain. At this rate we'll never make it through our outdoor hour challenges. Blake did spot a Yellow-Billed Magpie who was enjoying the drops this morning.

Charlotte Mason believed in taking her students out for a nature walk in every kind of weather. In England they were used to the drizzly days. I prefer to stay in by my fire!

So instead of braving the weather, we read about the red-tailed hawk from our Handbook of Nature Study. I chose this bird because he was the subject of our picture study this week.

When viewing this picture, we didn't realize the Red-Tailed Buzzard was also called the Red-Tailed Hawk. After searching through our handbook I came across a photo of this and realized they were one in the same. Something new learned!

I hope the forecast is calling for some sun next week~

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