Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Did I Find Myself In Disneyland Anyways?

Since it’s kind of late (for me, anyways), this will be the first part of my Disneyland post. I’ll follow up tomorrow with my pictures and fun details!

To make a long story short, here it goes:

My husband has been looking for a vehicle, found one in San Bernardino through Craig’s List, made a mad drive down there Wednesday afternoon, then back to our friend’s house in Simi Valley, he drove the new car home after dinner, had to go to work the next day,since we were in the area he said I could stay the night and go to Disneyland the next day instead of driving back late at night, friends have friend who work for Disney, he agreed to take us into the park, could get three of us in for no charge,  free parking and one purchased ticket later the kids and I were in Disneyland! Stayed the day, drove back to friend’s house Thursday night, stayed the night and came home yesterday (Friday) afternoon. Whew!

That’s the summary of my crazy, mad dash down South. Just to give you an idea, Conman’s face kind of shows how it felt.  But it was sooooo worth it.


Till’ tomorrow~

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Diane said...

How fun! We haven't been to Disney in 11 years, our youngest hasn't ever been. Really need to make that trip in the next couple of years. For a family of four to have a really good week their it is just so expensive.

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