Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #11


I’ve missed a few weeks of Kris’ Weekly-Wrap Ups, so I thought I’d jump back in for a quick summary of this week.

Lulu had volunteer training for our church’s vacation bible school on Monday. VBS is next week and all kids in my household, including my niece who stays with me, will be attending. They’ve really enjoyed it in the past. Lulu will be working as a leader for the preschool kids. This year’s theme is Joseph and Egypt.

After training, we had lunch at a friend’s house and I was able to do some catch up while the kids swam.

Tuesday entailed a quick trip to the closest “larger” town that has a Whole Foods Market.  This is about an hour away from us. While we were out and about, I took the opportunity to visit the Aveda salon and pick up some hair products and the Sephora store for some makeup. I am all about budget living; however, I have found that there are some items that I just can’t compromise on. I’ve tried-they just don’t work as well! We also spent some time wandering through Borders and I picked up some books on living gluten-free. More about this in another post.

Wednesday was a stay home and do nothing day. Actually, it was a stay home and pack and do desk work/phone calls for moving day. It’s amazing how much has to be prepared before moving out of state.

Thursday the kids enjoyed swimming with their cousin, who is almost 3. I’d forgotten how much fun the little ones have splashing around. Usually I can just float around and enjoy the water, but that day I left the pool totally soaked.

Today was the usual Friday errands. Haircuts for the kids, bank deposits, grocery stores. And I’m hoping to sneak off in a short while and get a pedicure!

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend!

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