Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday Nature Study

Our nature study this week was spread out between yesterday and today.

Yesterday I worked on recording information on our personal field guide that we started last week. Laina added a couple more birds she had spotted to some cards, and then I wrote down the common name, scientific name, location, size, diet and egg characteristics. I then laminated (well, not really laminated, more like covered them with packing tape) them, punched a hole through them and attached a ring to hold it all together.

We also spent some time listening to a cd of bird songs that I found at the flea market. The kids enjoyed hearing the songs and trying to figure out what they sounded like. They decided some sounded like hammers, pigs, and cats. This will definitely be listed on my cheap finds for the week.

Today we took up the Outdoor Hour Challenge #8-magnifying. The boys decided bugs would be a good focus area to try out, so armed with our bug catchers and magnifying glass, we marched outside. They unearthed a couple of things just by turning over some stones.

Blakester was happy to find an earthworm. Although technically not an insect, we counted it towards our bug finds. When he went inside he read a little about them and drew an awesome picture of one tunneling in his nature journal. He was especially interested in what they eat. Did you know earthworms are omnivorous?

Conman found a pill bug and a small white worm. He put them into his bug catcher pretty quick and wouldn't let me take a picture of them.

Lulu disturbed a colony of ants, so that is what she chose to sketch in her journal. The picture doesn't show them well, but they were scrambling all over this rock.

Lulu has already hit the computer to print out photos of the bugs to add to our field guide.

Hopefully as the weather becomes nicer, we'll be able to find more interesting critters!

Til tomorrow~

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