Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Nature Study

Our first stop on our nature walk today was right next door at Grandma's house. My niece acquired three adorable little bunnies yesterday for her fair project. We took another little niece, Kassady, over there to see them. She liked them, but kept calling them "kitty."

We didn't find many new things today, but the boys did have fun throwing pine cones into the canal and following along the bank with them as they floated down the canal. (The pine cones, not the boys.)

At one point we stopped for a moment and enjoyed the sweet smell of lilac as it drifted through the air.

Lovely spring.


Denise of Ingleside said...

Love the lilac tree , it looks so big! Ours here on PEI aren't in bloom yet... the trees haven't any leaves yet either, but are budding :)

What about playing pooh sticks in the canal :) no bridge, but the kids could race... we love doing that :)

Richele said...

I love Playmobils almost as much, if not more than my kids! We use them for school all the time! :)

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