Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #9

Our week was somewhat short and easy. To see what others have been up to, head over to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers' Weekly Wrap-Up post.

I am happy to announce I am posting this from my brand new laptop!! While out running errands last week, we stopped off to research laptops. I found one that seemed like a good deal and had everything I wanted, so with my husband's blessing, I brought it home! I am so excited to be mobile. I am actually blogging right now from sunny San Diego, where we're spending the weekend. I'll post more on our trip over the weekend.

As a family, we attended a wonderful FFH concert at our church last weeekend. Inspiring music and an amazing testimony were enjoyed by all.

Conman completed one of his science sections this week and I gave him his first Charlotte Mason style "exam." I used the examples in the text and asked him to tell me all he could about several different items, such as the solar system, atmosphere, water cycle, etc. He did really well informing me about everything he learned-with a song! He answered every question by turning his answers into some sort of rhyme and singing them to me. If I was grading him, he would definitely get an "A" for creativity!

Blakester spent some time outside the orthodontist office this week during Lulu's visit exploring the landscaping and came out with a snail which he proudly showed off. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera handy.

Lulu has been working on her quilting project and should have it completed next week. I'll be able to show it off to everyone at that point.

I'm still working away at next year's lesson plan, and am happy to be able to plan on the road. I will be completing the entry of our poems for next year over the weekend.

Til tomorrow~


Wonder Mom said...

Love that Conman sang his I see "Show Choir" in someone's future? :0)

Shannon said...

He's quite a character. I should have started a book years ago on his "Connorisms!"

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